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Call for Papers

Qt Developer Days 2014 

Berlin & San Francisco 

ICS, KDAB and Digia will once again be hosting the Premier Qt Events of the Year in Berlin and San Francisco. The Call for Papers is now open!  We are inviting proposals for presentations in a wide variety of areas — all members of the Qt community are invited to contribute and participate. If you have the expertise to share your Qt knowledge please submit a proposal. 

Event Dates:

Oct 6-8

Nov 3-5
San Francisco

Upcoming Events

Creating Modern User Experiences with QNX & Qt

Join Us for a Hands-on Workshop

This full-day workshop will provide Engineering Architects and Program Managers a thorough understanding of the entire development process using QNX and Qt, transforming a ?napkin sketch? into working code on a device running a real-time embedded operating system. 

June 19 Bellevue, WA
June 24 Waltham, MA
June 26 Austin, TX
More dates and cities coming in the fall. Vote for you city if you'd like to attend.

Meet Qt Boston

Tuesday,  July 8 

ICS and Digia are co-hosting a free-of-charge Meet Qt Seminar in Boston. Join us to learn about the latest Qt technology and how Qt can help you build a robust application ecosystem from both a business and technical perspective. More info and registration. 

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First Impressions Count — The ROI of UX Design

Over the years, user experience (UX) has become vital to the success of many software projects. A high quality User Experience is now considered not just a nice-to-have, but also a competitive advantage by forward thinking businesses. Visit the ICSNetwork to view this insightful webcast where we present a business case for spending valuable time and money on usability while presenting findings from various studies and numerous examples. 

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This Week in Qtan original weekly blog published by the ICS engineering team. This blog quickly highlights all things Qt for developers short on time. 

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